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Dream Spells

Dream Spells

How To Create Your Own Dream Spells

For those who are experienced or intermediate magic practitioners, you can try this one. You will need to refer to the Correspondences section of this guide for more information. This will take you step-by-step through the process of creating and appropriate dream spell.

Selecting Correspondences- You need to choose the appropriately corresponding "ingredients" to use for your specific need. See the correspondences chapter to find what you need for the following items:


Writing Down your Goal- Using the symbol you chose in your correspondences, cut a large piece of paper in that shape, using an appropriate dream color (also from correspondences). Write down the goal of the dream, and on the other side of the paper, write the name of the person. If you know their astrological sign and/or birthdate, place it under their name, this will help!

Who is the target person?
How will the dream go?
What will the person learn/understand from the dream?
What part will you play in it?
What scenes, characters, emotions, and symbols/objects will be in it?
Putting it All Together- How to use what you have so far to create and perform your ritual.

Take the piece of paper and place it on a cleared off table. Light a white candle. Focus on a visual image of the person you need to get this message to, as you sprinkle the herbs you chose in your correspondences over the piece of paper, and the candle. Imagine the dream going through its course and you want it to. Say the following chant:

Carry this dream on wings of light-
Make my message heard tonight
By the flame and sky, the land and sea,
Heed my words and make it be.

Allow the candle to burn itself out. Take the piece of paper and place it under your pillow. When you awaken in the morning, that the piece of paper outdoors and burn it in a safe place. Let the wind carry the ashes back to the earth and waters.

* * *

To Be In Someone's Dreams

Say to the lamp that is in daily use:
"Let whom (Name of person) bore
let him/her see me in their dream tonight.
Immediately, Immediately, Quickly, Quickly."
"So Mote It Be"
* * *

To Dream Of A Certain Person

1 Chunk of Amethyst
3 Rose petals
1 Lock of Hair
1 peice of daisy Root
1 Drop Rose or Patchouli Oil (optional)
1 Pink Candle (melted so wax binds all together)

Take the amethyst, rose pedals, lock of hair, daisy root, and empower all of them with what you want them to do (in this case being dream magick of a lover or friend). Place the amethyst next to your bed, atop it lay the rose petals, hair (the person of whom you wish to dream of's hair), and the daisy root. If you wish you may top it all off with rose or patchouli oil, and melted pink wax! To be done during the new moon, right before bed. While laying down before going to sleep, keep the thought of the person in mind.

* * *

Cauldron Prophecy

For prophecies to be revealed through dreams, strong impressions or immediate visions.

Cauldron or large black pot
A handful of buttercup or marigold petals
Wormwood incense or thyme herbs

Fill a cauldron or large, black iron pot half-full of fresh water.
Add buttercup or marigold petals.
Light incense of wormwood or burn the herb thyme.
Stir the cauldron/pot gently three times while chanting:

"Into the threads of time I cast my thoughts
To catch a glimpse of what will be
O Gods of Asgard, bring into my mind
The lovely gift of prophecy."

Look deep into the cauldron and you will receive messages as per the above.

* * *

Dream Spell

1 amethyst (chunk)
1 rose pedal (pink or red)
Blue Ink
Fountain Pen

On the parchment, write the name of the person you wish to dream of. Fold it in half three times and place it
under the amethyst next to your bed. Place the rose pedal on top of the amethyst. Say aloud:

I wish to dream of (person's name) tonite.

If you wish for that person to dream of you, place your name next to the person's name and link them together with a heart. Say aloud:

I wish (person's name) dreams of me tonite.

Then lay down and fall asleep. Don't forget to charge the rose pedal and the amethyst.

* * *

Dreaming True

Wait until the moon is waxing. Then, prior to going to bed, take a warm bath in which has been mixed a few drops of the following mixture:

Oil if lavender
Oil of rosemary
Oil of peppermint
Oil of thyme
Powdered poppy seed

While you are taking a bath, fumigate your bedroom with an incense composed of:

Powdered Aloeswood
Pulverized Cucumber Seeds
Powdered White Sandalwood.

All of these are to be used in equal parts. This is a Lunar Incense, the Moon being the ruler of seep and dreams. Before you lie down to sleep, write your question on a piece of plain white paper white your pen and ink of art, and place the paper and small sachet of wormwood herb under your pillow. If the spell works, your should have your answer to the question in the morning.

* * *

Spell for a Good Nights Sleep

Linden flowers or linden tea
Lavender flowers or lavender soap
Poppy seeds
Pomegranate seeds
Star anise

These ingredients should be sewn up in a silk bag or folded up in tissue paper and placed under the pillow or mattress. Nineteenth century herbalists would prescribe a mixture of linden and lavender to cure insomnia. Poppy seeds and star anise stimulate the subconscious and draw us into the dream world. Combined with pomegranate, the infamous seed swallowed by Persephone to lead her into the underworld, the sleep will be of the deepest nature possible. Placed under the pillow, this potion works with the principles of aromatherapy. The smelling of this herbal recipe will subtly affect the body and bring the deepest state of relaxation, thus leading you into a good night's sleep.

* * *

Mulet Spell That Calls For Inspiring Dreams

Green fabric
Yellow fabric
Black fabric (optional)
Dried Figs (optional)
Dried Tea (optional)
Dried Rowanwood (Optional)

Cut 3 strips of green fabric and 4 of yellow.
Lay the strips on top of each other, alternating the colors so they form a star with the corners.
You may wish to line it with a soft black cloth.
In the center place a few dried figs with dried tea and rowan wood if it's available.
Tie the cache together, and hang the amulet in the window to absorb the sunlight and wind for a full day.
Place the charm near your bed to provide you with good dreams that will help to motivate you and encourage your days.

* * *

Traum Spell

Traum is German for "Dream".

This is to give someone a dream about you. Set a glass of water on your windowsill in the moonlight. This will nocturnally charge the water for future uses. Adding a quartz crystal to the glass will strengthen the consecration. Keep the glass there for at least one night during the waxing moon, nearing the full. After this, consecrate your bed by sprinkling it with the water. Gather some yarrow and sage and thyme, yarrow optional. Put these herbs together in a pouch, preferably leather or cotton, but zip-lock will do. Put the bag in the pillowcase. Concentrate on this person and type of dream you wish them to have before you fall asleep. Burn a candle coordinated to the color of your purpose as you sleep. Make sure you don't burn the house down!

* * *

Poppy Dream Spell

This Italian spell can be adapted to any type of prophetic dream. Make a hole in a poppy pod and empty out the seeds. Next fold up a small piece of paper with the question you want answered written on it. Insert it into the pod and place it under your pillow the last thing at bedtime and say: "In the name of the heaven, the stars and the moon, May I dream and that full soon If this I see, (name your question/wish,etc...)"

* * *

Nightmare Spell

Eucalyptus Flax or linseed
Chamomile (optional)

Flax or linseed is used to make linen cloth, so if your sheets are linen, you are already set.
Although flax is most often used in money and healing spells, there are many medieval references to using flax around the bedside to ward off evil.
Eucalyptus is also used primarily for healing, but it is a strong repellent to evil spirits or any form of disease.
Lift up your mattress and sprinkle a handful of flax seeds and eucalyptus leaves underneath. If you are experiencing nightmares add a pinch of coarse salt. For insomnia add a pinch of chamomile.

* * *

To Protect you while you sleep

Mix salt and water from your altar in a small vessel.
Starting at the North side of your bed, going clockwise, sprinkle the salted water while saying:

Water and Earth, Where you are. Cast no spell or adverse purpose. Haste if not in complete accord with me. As my word, So mote it be.

Visualize a protective box around your bed.

* * *

Remembering Your Dreams

Before going to bed meditate and say aloud three times in normal tone:
Then, say aloud three times in a more forceful tone:

Finally, say aloud three times in chant:

* * *


The incubus (male sexual demon) and succubus (female sexual demon) are legendary night demons who engage in lascivious sexual activity with men and women, usually during sleep.

Red wine or purple grape juice
Lime juice
Walnut shells
Goosedown pillow
Piece of black leather or black lace or black satin
Almond oil
Black and red licorice sticks

Cabalistic legend says that Lilith was born out of the k'lifot, the shells. K'lifot can refer to any shell
or covering, as in the skull that covers the brain or a shell that covers a nut or an egg. The foreskin is
considered a form of k'lifot.

Use a walnut shell to attract the tantric lovers of the night. If you want to attract the male of the
species, place a small strip of banana peel inside the shell.
The incubi and succubi are also attracted to blood. You can use purple grape juice or red wine as a substitute. Place five drops of red wine into the shell. Squeeze five drops of lime juice into the shell for power and influence.
Lay the walnut shell on top of a piece of leather or leather garment if you want the sex to be rough. Lay it on lace or silk if you want the sex to be gentle and tender. Make sure the walnut shell is sitting as an open bowl, or you trap the incubus or succubus when they arrive.

Meditate on the little shell bowl and open your mind to the experience. Place your pinkies into the shell
and then dab the outer corners of your eyelids. Rub your left big toe with almond oil. It is said that
these sexy devils often enter the body through the big toe. Almond oil will attract them and help you to
open up your sexual and psychic centers.

Scriptures warn against sleeping naked because it attract incubi and succubi. Sleep naked. Close your
eyes and lay your head on a pillow of goosedown. Lilith and her consorts love all feathered things, and
goosedown assists with communication on the astral.

Begin to think sexy thoughts as you chew on a piece of black or red licorice. Red is for sex. Black is for
naughtiness. Licorice stimulates the yin centers ad makes us open and receptive to sexual gratification. Start counting until you drift off to sleep. Your dream lover will not enter until you are sound asleep.
Some people do not remember their dreams. It would be a shame to forget this strictly taboo encounter after you've gone to all this trouble. Make sure to use some spell to remember your dreams or to Lucid Dream.
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